2015 – Erica’s Update

Erica Kelly

1yr Transformation to White CoatAfter my bone marrow transplant on July 16, 2014, I spent months regaining my strength.  I spent my 100 days post-transplant in Columbus near my doctors, and then I moved back to my home in Amherst for the winter.  My hair began to grow in curly – it used to be straight!  I started to help out at my uncle’s optometry office to get my mind and body working again.

Erica Andrew Districts 2015

On New Years Eve, my boyfriend, who supported me through all of this, proposed to me.  The wedding date is set for my second “rebirthday” – July 16, 2016!  In May, I moved back to Columbus to start back at my old job with Fleet Feet Sports, which has really gotten me back on my feet.  This summer, my family took two vacations to make up for last summer, and I got back on my daily running routine – even if it’s mostly run/walk intervals for now.

While I often reminisce on the difficulties and emotional times that I went through with ALL, I am so happy that I am now able to move on from it all and continue following my dreams.  For the next four years, I will be attending The Ohio State University College of Medicine!

-Erica Kelly



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